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tv   News Ch8 Today at 400AM  NBC  March 1, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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good morning and welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gayle guyardo. >> and i'm gene ramirez. our top story this morning, more emotional testimony is expected in the erin andrews trial. the sports caster took the stand in her lawsuit against nashville marriott. >> my naked body was on the front page of the new york post. like they had put bars over my body parts. my girlfriend was calling me telling me she was running
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coffee on the papers because she felt so bad. >> 8 on your side is following this story closely. her dad is our own investigative reporter steve the andrews. today is super tuesday. voters in several states and one territory are headed to the polls this morning. the outcome is crucial. front-runners donald trump and hillary rodham clinton hope to build on their leads. the other candidates hope to score some vicaries to prove they are still in the race. -- some victories to prove they are still in the race. a new aaa survey out this morning shows three out of four people are afraid to ride in a self-driving car. drivers explain they believe the technology is too new. and we have breaking news right now. we are going to turn things over to leslee lacey to tell us about a traffic tie-up. >> yeah, unfortunately, we are waking up to a crash. a vehicle involving a motorcyclist when the
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we have a fatal accident and all of the southbound lanes on i-75 in gibsonton just past gibsonton drive are completely blocked. traffic is routed off at gibsonton. take 301 instead. let's take a live look because we have meliek on the street out there. and you can see there's a lot of debris on the roadway. again, this is involving a motorcyclist. and that motorcyclist actually hit the vehicle, rear-ended a vehicle. lanes are closed and we have a fatal crash here. so tough news to wake up to. again, 310 is the alternate. and now the weather forecast. hopefully that's better. yeah, gorgeous weather. temperatures where they were this time yesterday basically. 54 in lakeland. bartow, 53. sarasota is at 55. we will make it to 77 today though.
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and even warmer tonight with a low of 62. and you know, today is the first day of march so a look at the averages for march. typically we see an overnight low of 58 and a high of 66. but the prediction for the month, just about average for temperatures but maybe wetter than average. the average rainfall in march just over 3 inches. in weather and traffic on the 8s i take you hour-by-hour through the day. >> thank you so much. and an 8 on your side consumer alert this morning will have you checking your credit card statements. a credit card cloning bust in pinellas county. a stupid mistake tipped up a pair of accused crooks. clearwater police arrested the pair. they nabbed them at the toys r us. that's where investigators claim the two accidentally mailed a stack of credit cards of cloned data. >> they look convincing.
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evidence found at the toys r us will help them solve credit card fraud cases across the state. tampa police are searching for suspects in another credit card fraud case. they are looking for this couple caught on surveillance video using stolen credit cards at publix and a babies r us. if you know anything about the case, you could be eligible for a $3,000 reward from crime stoppers. take a look at this guy here duck for cover. have you seen these sneaky suspects? they were caught on camera tampa business. let's give you a closer look here. you can see them driving the off in a four-door gmc truck with the trailer attached. and now police are looking for the masked thieves. the trailer is worth about $17,000. hillsborough county deputies are increasing their presence at a high school after a serious fight. one student was beating up so badly, it landed him in the hospital.
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several students at the school tell 8 on your side there have been a number of fights at the school which has parents concerned. >> been like seven days in a row, just straight up fighting and stuff. >> to have to bring your child to school and see cop after cop after cop. they're not dropping our children off at jail. my daughter is in fear walking in and out of her classrooms. >> the school district insists only two students were directly involved in the fight on friday. and that the principal only reported one fight last week. time now 4:50. happening today, -- 4:05. happening today, the united states wants to force a vote on tough new sanctions on north korea. they are in reaction to north korea's latest nuclear test and rocket launch. russia claims they want to review the measure and suggest changes. well astronaut scott kelly
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today after a record 340 days that is. and here he is handing over space station. this afternoon, he will say good-bye and begin his journey back to the earth. >> and he will be back on the planet late tonight and then travel to houston. lindsey mastis has the morning alert. perspective. >> reporter: it really is. astronaut scott kelly has done a great job of documenting his journey on social media. >> i will go to the astronaut crew quarters at the johnson space center for several hoursover medical tests and end at about 3:00 in the morning. and then i'm going to go home and jump in my pool. >> reporter: his nearly one year in space could help with future missions to mars because
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identical brother mark kelly to the body. and his brother sent him the gorilla suit. and he shared so many milestones on social media. this is his selfie, space walk selfie. his pictures of earth are incredible. take a look at this one. and this is of the mountains from space. bowl from space. that's pretty cool. and while on the international space station, he participated in a reddit ama, that stands for ask me anything. and he is planning another one this friday according to the nasa, starting at 11:00 a.m. you can ask him directly anything you want. we will have updates beginning at first at 4:00. and you can download our free wfla news app for updates. >> and by the way, how do you get a monkey suit up to space. that's great. thanks. and you can follow the morning alerts each day on facebook and twitter. just search the #8alert.
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away from 4:08 on this tuesday morning. and boy, it was really pretty yesterday. >> this is such a great time of year. the first day of march. each hour of the day, we start this morning around 60 degrees. close to where we felt yesterday but i expect more morning sunshine. and look how quickly, we go up three to four degrees during the morning. and we get to 70 at 11:00 a.m. around 72 when you take your lunch break. 77 at 3:00 p.m. that's a couple degrees warmer than yesterday. evening. really topping the headlines is the fact that we have two cold fronts coming through, wednesday and friday. but very little rain with either of these fronts and not much cooler air. highs in the low to m.d.-70s. the year, 74. it's 77. 73 on friday. and let's take a look at traffic on the 8s because there's one big issue.
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i-75 completely shut down here. and this is just past gibsonton drive. it's all due to a fatal accident involving a motorcyclist and a vehicle. there's not that many people on the roadway but when the interstate is completely shut down, we tend to see a back-up building even at this time of the morning. so taken off at gibsonton road. i would suggest 301. it looks phanatuss and i can then you won't get stuck on the back-up. and also u.s. 41 further to the west. we have meliek on the street out there. and unfortunately that's the motorcycle, folks. they have crashed into the back of a vehicle, rear-ended and it we have a fatal accident. you can see an investigation is going on. and all of those southbound lanes, again, closed. i'll keep an eye on this breaking traffic news for you all morning. back to gene and gayle. >> so sad. >> that's hard to make the motorcycle out. incredible. google is taking the blame
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self-driving car. >> ahead, what the tech giant believes happened when the car hit a city bus. then, a direct hit into a gas station. coming up, the reason two people are trying to get back inside that vehicle. but first, students earning while they're learning. a program in the bay area that is helping students score high- paying jobs. that's coming up next. you're watching news channel 8
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this morning an 8 on your side alert. there are millions of jobs available across the country because people don't have the skills to fill those positions. well, i did some 8 on your side digging and found that thousands of students in tampa bay are figuring out how to nab the high-paying jobs all while avoiding the huge cost of college educations. >> reporter: they weld, draft, study design, all classes at tampa bay tech. >> there's a lot of fields out there that i've wanted to do like welding and learning how to mix concrete. >> reporter: thousands of students apply to this magnet high school every year. and they don't realize probably
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this knowledge is a great earning potential. >> without a doubt. they have an idea. they don't realize how big it is when they live us and they are employable right out of high school. >> reporter: the training makes students eligible for a four- year apprentice program. >> there's so many jobs out there that employers are willing to take a chance on them and get them training for free. so all of the apprentices go to school for free. the contractors pay for them to go to school. it's a four-year program. so they are earning while they're learning. >> reporter: associate builders and contractors connect students with companies like tampa's cox electric. >> the end result is to become an electrical contractor and own and run my business. >> reporter: he has three years left of his apprenticeship. it happen. >> going to happen. think, that's awe. many. >> and tampa bay tech is just
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associated builders and contractors. i put information for you about the program on developing this morning, there's more support for apple in the show down with the fbi. and now you will remember this is all over a terrorist's locked iphone. in a similar case involving an admitted drug dealer, a new york judge ruled in favor of apple. the judge explains the u.s. justice department cannot force apple to provide the fbi with access to locked iphone data. instead, the judge believes this issue needs to be hashed out in congress. two students are recovering this morning after a shooting at an ohio high school. the sheriff there claims a 14- year-old student opened fire inside the cafeteria at madison junior senior high. bullets hit two students. they are expecting to recover. the teenage suspect is under arrest. you've got to take a look at this scene at a gas station in arlington, texas.
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smashed into the gas pump which burst into flames. no one was seriously hurt. but look at the car in the back as people run to the other side. they are trying to open the back door. well, there were two the kids inside. investigators are now trying to figure out why the driver lost control. and here's another gas station fire for you. . a lot of thick smoke over san francisco, california. these flames coming from a bus. there were no passengers when the fire ignited and no one was hurt. but take a look, that's what the bus looked like after the fire was put out. investigated. for once, it's not all human error. this morning, google is admitting one of the self- driving cars is partially to blame for a collision with a city bus. california. the self-driving car was in the right lane when it had to go around sandbags. that's when it hit a bus. no one was hurt. google claims the test driver thought the bus was going to since the collision google has
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driving software to avoid future incidents. happening today, get help with your taxes for free. the hillsborough county public library cooperative is offering this service this tax season. here's one place, the bloomingdale regional pun lick library. help is -- regional public library. you can visit their website for a full list of locations and times for free tax assistance. clearwater is picking up part of the tab to get to you the beach. the city is working with clearwater ferry to provide low fares to get people to and from the beach. so from today until the end of april, visitors can park in downtown clearwater and take the ferry for just $2. the trial run is another option for people who just don't want to sit in bumper to bumper white sand. well the chances of being a
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so here are some lucky folks for you. some happy parents here in the bay area are welcoming one of their own today. they sent us the pictures. this is riley joyce. she was born around 12:45 a.m. yesterday at brandon regional hospital. so that does in fact make her a leapling, born february 29th. do you celebrate february 28th or march 1s? or the first birthday four years from now? >> no, when they're baby, every year. and then when they get old e every four years. >> she has free swag for sure. >> and you get two birthdays because some will give gifts on the the 28th and some on the 1st. i think that's awesome. temperatures on the official first day of march. 60 degrees and sunny at 8:00 a.m. just great to be outside. my goodness. 27 degrees at noon. -- goodness. 72 degrees at noon. a couple degrees warmer than yesterday afternoon.
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polk county, how about 52 in auburndale and bartow. crystal river, 4 3 . lake placid, 59. not too bad. mostly clear skies at this point. and i will show you the cold front that's on the map and it will affect us. just not a lot. watch the long range forecast. mostly sunny and gorgeous today. a couple extra clouds overnight. and here's the cold front, yep, only a 10% rain chance with it. just a couple degrees cooler as we head into friday. another do nothing cold front comes through. only a 10 to 20% rain chance with that one. and again, keeping highs in the mid-70s. less lay, how about -- leslee, how about traffic on the 8s? accident, folks. i-75. southbound 75, 301 to big bend road, about eight minutes. really the only part that's really congested is when you get to the closure and you're
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i'm going to show you the map in gibsonton. this is the slow down when you're exiting on gibsonton. let's go to meliek on the street. what you see is a crunched up motorcycle there. motorcycle rearended the back of a vehicle. this is a fatal crash so an investigation is taking place. debris on the roadway. and all lanes southbound on i- 75 at gibsonton are expected to be closed for quite some time. and as i continue to follow the breaking traffic, i will let you know as soon as things reopen. in the meantime, you need to think 301, not southbound i-75 through the gibsonton area. back to gene and gayle. >> wow, both the car and the motorcycle smashed up. all right. well, staying organized is key to being successful, especially for students juggling club, homeworks, activities. >> ahead, a teenager who used technology to help and the recognition he's now getting.
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speed of sound again. up next, nasa's new supersonic product could change the way we fly. you're watching news channel 8 today. and if you want to connect
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is it the return of the concord?
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nasa is looking at sending earthlings. they hope to make flying faster, safer, greener and quieter. so instead of of the ripping boom, we would probably just hear a soft thud. >> we've come a long way. an ohio is getting national recognition after he created an app that helps students stay organized. >> he created the student planner. it made him one of the winners of the congressional app challenge. he designed a chat feature for classrooms to stay engaged but it wasn't easy. >> every step i would take, it was like three steps back and i had to keep going forward. >> and that is the way it is in life a lot of times. he plans to the study computer science after graduation. and he wants to join an rotc program. sounds like he really likes to
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>> how are you going to do it on the planner. >> out of gas. a big announcement is a few weeks away from apple. industry insiders expect the next product launch march 22nd. experts are expecting us to see a new 44-inch iphone. it will be nearly identical to the iphone 5 but with significant upgrades to the hardware on the inside. and they anticipate an ipad update and new versions of the apple watch already. weather and traffic on weather and traffic on the 8s is on the way. in the next half hour, the impact adhd medications can have on your child's health. and many of us don't get enough sleep. the way that could impact your diet in a bad way.
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sending the kids to the bus stop, great, mild, around 60 degrees, a clear sky and warm at 77 when they come home. the 8s? pinellas county, 54 avenue take 22. and a fatal accident tying up gibsonton.
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good tuesday morning. welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gene ramirez. >> and i'm gayle guyardo. our top story this morning, a live look at the white house in washington, d.c. on this the super tuesday. voters in 12 states will head to the polls in a few hours to help decide the candidates that will run for our nation's top office. the biggest number of delegates up for grabs is in texas. we will go live to washington, d.c. in just a few minutes for a break down of what today means for the candidates. and happening today, after nearly a year at the


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